Joomla template maker

How to make a joomla template

Joomla template maker is a new generation web design tool from Artisteer. It facilitates a template generation and brings the power of web design to novice user. Without knowing anything about html and css it is possible to make outstanding web template designs. With a click of a button!

Visual, WYSIWYG and user friendly are qualities of this amazing software. No more CSS headaches and W3C compatibility issues, just dedicate your self to design and forget about code. Joomla template maker will take a care of it.


Main toolbar of Joomla template maker menu is divided into these submenu sections:


Pressing Ideas button you get template ideas. Keep pressing until you find one that you like. Tweak it with help of other toolbar submenus.

Colors & fonts

In one place define colors and fonts for all text on your page (titles, headings, links, footer, lists, and menus)


Decide about your page layout. Choose number of columns, their width and position.


Define background color and image. Enhance a look of background with built in gallery of textures, gradients and glares.


joomla template maker sheet

Choose shape, border, shadow, transparency, top offset, padding and radius of sheet.


joomla template maker header

Define background and foreground photo of your header. You can pick up photos from built in photo gallery. Enhance header with glare, texture or gradient. Select its width and height, headline and slogan text.


Select Styling of menu bar. Define colors, fonts, fill and border of menu and submenu items.


joomla template maker articles

Style a content part of page. It is possible to format text fonts, colors, headings, hyperlinks, quotes, tables, bullets, headers, footer.

module positionsBlocks

Pick up predefined shape of block, where modules will appear. Separately define background, header and content style of block. Choose fonts and colors for block heading and content. Currently there are 22 module positions available.


Select shape, gradient, border, shadow, color and font of Read more button.


Choose Footer style and RSS icon.

Every change made, reflects immediately on integrated dummy page. Template can be automatically previewed with all installed browsers on your computer. All design is performed visually no hard coding is necessary. Latest 2.4 version for Windows and Mac supports export of generated template to favorites CMS systems as Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and Blogger.


Currently there is no similar piece of software on the market. I use it for majority of my Joomla web design projects. This site and all free templates found here were designed with Joomla template maker. Download and try fully working demo from Artisteer official site.

Find out how easy is to build your own Joomla templates and see some sample Joomla 1.5 / Joomla 2.5 templates made with this tool.